SANTA ROSA, Calif. – September 13, 2018 – FaceAffinity™, the global leader in Face Pattern Analysis, has applied its proprietary technology to analyze the key personality traits of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice William Kennedy. The Company also profiled all existing Supreme Court justices, to determine how Mr. Kavanaugh would fit with the sitting Justices.

Wayne Rowlands, FaceAffinity’s Co-Founder, said, “We thought it would be interesting to look at the Supreme Court as a “team” based on key personality traits, rather than along political lines. No matter their ideologies, these are still complex people with unique combinations of personality traits – and taken together it is an interesting mix of people that actually have much in common.”

Using face images of the current and Supreme Court justices and the nominated justice, Brett Kavanaugh, the FaceAffinity Team has performed personality assessments for each.

FaceAffinity™ – our flagship product – is based on the science of Face Pattern Analysis (FPA). The Company’s proprietary algorithm scans a face in images and returns information on the pictured individuals’ personality traits.

FaceAffinity™ offers many benefits over traditional personality tests, which are often biased by the taker’s desired outcome. A person’s facial structure is evident at birth, and by puberty, all facial features are fully formed. FaceAffinity™ is not affected by the age, gender, upbringing environment, or cultural background of the subject, and cannot be impacted by cosmetic surgery. FaceAffinity™ simply provides the best and most accurate system for Face Pattern Analysis in use today.

Here is a summary of the results for Brett Kavanaugh and the other sitting Justices:

Justices Personality Traits Chart

Interestingly, Brett Kavanaugh is nominated to replace retiring Justice Kennedy, who exhibited a trait of “loving a challenge” – and who often was a swing vote in decisions. Brett Kavanaugh exhibits the trait “gains confidence through knowledge”.

Mr. Rowlands added, “Team building goes beyond specific tasks and skills – it involves aspects of interpersonal interaction, communication styles, learning styles, and other personal preferences.  We believe Face Pattern Analysis, and our FaceAffinity application in particular, allows for enhanced team building and recruitment.”

Here are some of the personality traits identified within this group based on the FaceAffinity face pattern analysis algorithms:



These individuals are brief in their delivery of words and will get turned off by long verbose conversation or over-explanation. They can be direct and to the point. In some situations, they may need to remember to provide more information in order to properly express their feelings and emotions in a way that communicates to others.

Gains Confidence Through Knowledge

These individuals build their confidence through knowledge and experience. Once gained, their confidence soars. They form a strong foundation of knowledge, they take class after class just to make sure they have the knowledge, they do exhaustive research just to make sure they have enough information to start a new business or career. With such a desire to have thorough knowledge before acting they may also find unfamiliar tasks or situations beyond their realm of expertise overwhelming and are intensely aware of their limitations. Consequently, they are more apt to stay with what feels familiar or comfortable, rather than striking out boldly in new fields. Real incentives and goals can help them overcome discouragement and overcoming self-doubt, especially when confronted with confident people.


These individuals tend to hold on to their money and enjoy spending it on themselves. They have a knack for prioritizing their spending and maximizing the value of what they receive.


These individuals are extremely aware and concerned as to what others are saying and thinking – especially comments directed at them. This can make them perceptive and responsive to other’s opinions, but can also lead to feelings of taking criticism too personally or being hurt by what was meant as neutral comments or constructive criticism. They are advised to clarify remarks and opinions of others to avoid misunderstandings.


These individuals have an enormous amount of stamina and a seemingly endless supply of energy – they keep going when others give up. They find it hard to relax, and love to be constantly in motion. These people enjoy participating in any physical activity such as sports and fitness or any activity that channels their energy. They may find that their focus and productivity increases when they take time out of their day to do something active. They need an outlet for their energy or they will become restless. Exercising early in the morning can bring needed balance to the rest of their day.


These individuals are very easy going, with a knack for seeing the big picture. They have a high tolerance for putting up with things, and can take on many projects at the same time, until a point of excess. When overextended, they may find themselves running late for meetings and appointments. Staying focused on the task at hand without distraction to unrelated projects drives their success.


These individuals can and often do spend hours in their heads trying to work things out or come up with new ideas. Thoughts swirl around in their heads which can engage them for hours. For balance, these se people do have a need to check in with reality and notice what is going on around them.


These individuals can focus in the moment and drive the tasks at hand. They enjoy working on detail-oriented projects. They have a high level of presence in the moment, and their intentions can be so focused that nothing else exists except what is in front of them. If these people are under the pressure of being faced with too many tasks, they need to encourage themselves to relax and take a break. It may seem counter intuitive; however time will tell them a much better story.


These individuals immerse themselves in a task, applying extreme levels of focus. This this intensity grants these individuals a high awareness of mistakes and directs them towards detail-oriented careers such as accounting, teaching, psychology, and photography. They can become overly attached to problems and may take comments or criticisms too personally.


These individuals express themselves very freely and openly and will talk at length, describing details with a deep capacity for sharing. Other types of communication may also come easy for them. Such as writing or digital media. They can be fantastic story tellers and can embellish a bit much sometimes. People with this trait may need to be aware that others may become impatient listening to long stories or explanations.

Loves a Challenge

These individuals enjoy a leading role in life. They look and act as though they are in charge and radiate self-assurance. They are bold, assertive and commanding of most situations. When confronted or challenged by others, they may raise the volume of their voice to take control and command attention. They can be daring and will follow their high self-confidence into leadership positions, but may act before having all necessary information to make informed decisions.


These individuals have a dry sense of humor, which those in tune with them will enjoy. Their humor may help them deal with difficult situations or may let them laugh off criticism as a way of coping. If misunderstood, this humor might come across as sarcastic, so an awareness of situation and audience is important to avoid being interpreted as being hurtful to others.

Here are of the results for each justice:

FaceAffinity measures each of these traits.  Enterprise customers may select any of the traits, or combinations, to identify and potential customers, employees or partners – all based on the enterprises’ needs and products and services.

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